Canons Park Consulting

Canons Park Consulting (CPC) has been established by North London Collegiate School International to provide educational consultancy services. CPC aims to support clients in incorporating elements of our distinctive educational approach into the fabric of their school.

The aims which underpin our educational approach are timeless and enduring - the desire to inspire pupils with a love of academic subjects in a school that has a strong culture of scholarship, with high expectations of and genuine care for every individual. At the heart of our vision of education is subject passion, a rich extra-curricular programme and strong pastoral care, offered to every pupil in order to foster well-rounded and independent individuals. In the international setting, these elements are adapted to suit local educational requirements, and the objectives of our clients and the cultural context.

The CPC consulting team come from a variety of educational, business and international backgrounds. Drawing on our wealth of collective experience in developing and operating top independent schools in the UK, Asia and the Middle East, we share a passion for providing an ambitious academic education to enable every student to make the most of his or her intellect and abilities.

School design

Work with clients to ensure that the location of the campus and all the teaching and learning spaces fully implement the aspirations of the school.

Ensure that the campus is designed as a safe, comfortable and inspirational learning environment for staff and students; and that all spaces enable effective and efficient educational and operational management.

Help clients to ensure rooms, fixtures, furniture and equipment are of international quality and that they enable the delivery of an international standard curriculum.

Academic management and curriculum design

Advise on curriculum design and delivery, education performance management and development plan to ensure the School delivers high quality educational programmes and learning opportunities for students.  

Provide bespoke curriculum design which instils academic rigour and international perspectives, whilst developing a strong understanding of the local cultural context.

Organisational structure

Help clients to design the management structure of the School to ensure that there is a balance of the control between the school sponsor and the school operator and that the objectives of the School will be met effectively.  This includes, for example, the design of the membership and responsibilities of the board and its committees, the senior leadership team, the operations team as well as job descriptions for individual roles.

Project management

Provide project management service or start-ups to ensure that School will be developed to international standards and will be able to start according to schedule. The project management service can start from feasibility study, market research and site selection to the final launch of the school.

School policies

Help setting school policies covering all aspects of academic and operational matters to enable the school to operate to an international standard.


Work with schools to ensure there is a comprehensive and effective marketing strategy, which directs resources towards the best opportunities in terms of increasing student numbers, achieving advantage over the competition and attracting the best quality students.

Develop a detailed marketing implementation plan with weekly activities and effective monitoring and evaluation.

Recruitment of senior staff

Assist in direct advertising or using executive search agencies to ensure that the school attracts the best candidates for senior leadership roles.

Help the school recruit enthusiastic, energetic, capable and experienced leaders by conducting preliminary interviews and shortlisting the applicants through a rigorous process.


Provide on-site and bespoke training programmes to ensure that the teaching staff embrace the ethos of the School and that they are both motivated and fully equipped to teach in a leading academic context.


Conduct on-site evaluation of the quality and standards of education at the school, and of particular aspects of its educational provision.


Provide bespoke services covering all aspects of developing and operating schools.

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