Peer Support

At North London Collegiate School we aim to promote a supportive, considerate and caring environment. Forging links between individuals and different year groups boosts self-esteem, confidence and respect and over time we have developed several highly successful peer support systems.

Middle School Buddies

All Year 7 students are allocated a Year 8 buddy to offer guidance and support when they join the Senior School. Social activities including lunches are arranged for the girls so they can meet up and get to know one another. These friendships often last throughout the students’ time at school.

New Sixth Formers are also given a buddy to help them settle in.

My buddy takes time to find me and always asks if I have any problems and if I am ok. - Year 7 student

My buddy came from the same school as me and so had gone through the same experiences as me. This was really helpful. She tells me about new clubs and encourages me to attend. - Year 7 student

Being a Buddy is really rewarding as I feel I can make a difference and help others settle in. - Year 8 student

I have learnt a lot from being a Buddy, leadership and being responsible are really important skills for future life. - Year 8 student

Peer Mentors

We know there are going to be times when girls would much rather share their worries with other students and trained Sixth Form Peer Mentors are available to support our students when they would like someone nearer their own age to talk to. Weekly ‘Tea & Chat’ sessions run by the Peer Mentors are very popular and provide the opportunity for students from all years to meet up with girls in other years.

Form Assistants

Students from the Senior School act as form assistants in Year 7 and the Junior School. Form assistants attend registration, participate in form activities and support the younger girls in a variety of ways. This helps to encourage a sense of community across the school, but also provides leadership opportunities for the older students.

Academic Support

Students can often be seen around the school mentoring younger girls in their academic studies. This is a valuable way for the mentor to develop their own skills in an area as well as providing valuable subject support for the younger students.

Peer support is phenomenal at North London and started when my daughter joined the school aged 4 with the coach buddy system. As a parent, it gave me great comfort to know that my daughter would get to school safely as her coach buddy took her directly to the First School every morning and even read her a story if they were early! My daughter loved this experience and felt very grown up sitting next to an older girl on her journey to school. In Year 7, which can be an unsettling year for the girls as they make the transition to Senior School, the buddy system helped enormously. My daughter had lunch with her buddy in the first week of term and her buddy provided her with a homemade information pack detailing what she could expect in Year 7. Now in the Sixth Form, my daughter still has fond memories of her time with her buddy. - Parent